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Covid-19 Statement

 Covid-19 is a respiratory illness and there is no evidence it is transmitted via food or food packaging. With controlled visitor numbers, we believe visiting our open air fields is a safer way to buy fruit and vegetables than visiting a crowded supermarket.

However, the Farm is open for essential PYO food retail only and a number of lockdown restrictions are in place. 

Children under 10 must be accompanied by at least one adult per child. Max group size is 4 people.

Younger children do not understand the need for social distancing and risk spreading Covid-19 amongst other visitors. Each child under 10 must be accompanied by at least one adult responsible for supervising them in the fields to maintain distancing.

Groups larger than 4 people will not be allowed entry.

DO NOT visit if you’re unwell.

Please stay at home if you’re unwell. We will not admit entry to anyone presenting symptoms of Coronavirus; coughing, shortness of breath or fever.

Go with the flow

Certain crops will have a one way system in place, please follow our directional signage and be patient if those picking ahead are moving at a slower pace.


At the moment we are not operating a booking system. When we reach capacity in our fields entrance will become 'one in one out' and there will be a queue to enter.

Should it become necessary, we will implement an online booking system with bookable slots as the season progresses to manage peak time demand and ensure social distancing in our fields.

Keep 2 metres distance from other pickers

Our fields are very large and there is plenty of space to pick. Please be patient, respect staff and other pickers, keep a 2 metre distance at all times

 Minimum Charge - £4.00

To discourage tourists and those visiting simply to enjoy a walk around the farm, we have implemented a £4 minimum charge in the PYO to encourage smaller groups of pickers.

1. We take a small charge of £4 per person (over 16's only) at the entry Kiosk.

2. Visit our fields and pick as much fruit and veg as you wish

3. Pay at the exit - the £4 is deducted at the tills..

Help us prevent peak time queues

Our busiest times are weekends and when the sun comes out, please consider visiting the farm during quieter times;

·         Weekdays (fruit picking is educational for those home-schooling)

·         Before 12pm - The PYO is always quieter in the mornings!

·         Cloudy days; the temperature may be a little cooler but less people visit the farm when the sun isn’t shining (you could have the place to yourself and the fruit is still great!).

Tea Shack & Ice Cream Parlour

The Ice Cream Parlour is open at weekends serving ice cream to take away. 

Due to the current Lockdown restrictions, customers are not permitted to remain on site to consume food purchased on the premesis. Our seating area is closed for the moment and picnics are strictly not permitted. We are monitoring government advice and will open The Tea Shack as soon as we are able.


To help prevent the spread, we are not accepting cash payments at present. We can accept contactless card payments up to £45.


For health and safety reasons there are currently no toilet facilities on site. Please bear this in mind when planning your visit.