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Crockford Bridge Farm Shop

In the Farm Shop you will find the very best meat sourced from a network of small farmers across the UK.

Our Farm Shop boasts an extensive range of seasonal, fresh produce sourced from growers with a focus on quality. During the growing season, crops grown on the farm are also available in the Farm Shop. Often on sale minutes after being picked they are so fresh, you really can taste the difference!

Freshly picked fruit and veg, straight from our fields!

Because there is no lengthy supply chain from our fields, fruit sold in the farm shop is picked at optimal ripeness when the fruits natural sugars are at their peak. You will never find fruit like ours in the Supermarkets!

 Eating produce when it is ripe not only tastes better, it also contains a higher nutrient content. 

We also work with a number of local farms and scour the markets to source a wide array of delicious seasonal produce. From local apples to the finest summer stone fruits, you will find all your fresh produce requirements catered for. If there's anything unusual you need, talk to one of our friendly staff who are happy to take orders and source products for you.

Crockford Bridge Farm Honey

The Farm keeps many bees on the farm which produce our very own Crockford Bridge Honey. It has a smooth runny texture and fruity flavour. Hard set honey is also available.

Unlike mass produced honey, ours is made from the hives on the farm by bees that have been pollinating our fruit crop. Many of our customers swear that a teaspoon a day relieves their hayfever sypmtoms. Like Manuka Honey our honey has antibacterial properties and we think the flavour is even better.


Butchery Counter

Whilst visiting our Farm Shop, make sure not to miss our fabulous Butchery Counter

Full to bursting with freshly made sausages, and a wide selection of ethically sourced meat from a network of local suppliers, there is something for every taste.

During the Game season you will find a wide range of seasonal produce. Please talk to our friendly butchers about your requirements.

Don't forget to place your orders for Christmas Day! Our Butchers will happily help you source whatever you're after from Dry aged rack of beef to Free Range premium Turkeys.

Artisan & Speciality foods

The farm stock stocks a wide range of store cupboard basics and goodies from further afield. We prefer to work with small artisan producers who share our commitment to quality.

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Local bread and eggs

We work with local producers and farmers to source fresh every day foods. Freshly baked bread is delivered to the Farm Shop every morning by The Gingerbread Man Bakery 7 days a week.

We receive a weekly delivery of freshly laid  eggs from local farms. When in season, we also stock Goose eggs in the farm shop.


Our delicatessen contains a wealth of cheese, home cooked, award winning hams and cured meats sourced from across the British Isles and from further afield.