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Covid-19 Policies

Due to the outdoor nature of our business, The risk of Covid transmission on the farm is significantly lower than an indoor environment. However, there are still a number of policies in place to protect both our customers and our staff.

We realise these extra procedures can be frustrating and we ask for your patience and understanding. Please remember that any restrictions are in place because they are necessary and to manage a very real risk. We will not tolerate abusive or rude behvaiour towards our hard working staff..

General Policies

The following policies are in place across The Farm at all times, please see the Events section for specific policies relating to our ticketed events...

  • DO NOT visit if you’re unwell or self isolating Please stay at home if you are unwell. We will not admit entry to anyone presenting common symptoms of Coronavirus; namely coughing, shortness of breath or fever.
  • Bookings must be made for Saturday and Sunday, this is to regularise footfall and avoid peak time surges. We are not taking bookings for Mon - Fri, please simply arrive on these days.
  • Face Coverings Are mandatory for everyone over the age of 11 when paying at the tills and in our Woodland Theatre. Our staff have a legal duty to ensure compliance with the law and are required to ask all customer to wear Face Coverings. Those with exemptions are requested to bring an Exemption Card with them to help prevent any misunderstandings. A number of non-specific Exemption cards are widely available free of charge. This request is made out of concern for the Health & Safety of other visitors (some of whom may be elderly) and also because the exemption system is so open to abuse.
  • Please be patient, respect staff and other customers, keep a minimum of 2 metres away from those outside of your household/bubble where possible or 1 metre away where this is not possible and other precautions are being taken (face coverings, protective screens etc).
  • Parents must supervise their children at all times and asked are to be considerate of other customers, some of whom may be very anxious. We currently require a minimum of 1 adult per 2 children to ensure children are adequately supervised.
  • Lavatories For health and safety reasons there are no toilet facilities open to the general public anywhere on the Farm. Please bear this in mind when planning your visit, particularly if you are coming from further away. There are Loo's in Tesco Extra Addlestone for their customers, a short 5 minute drive away.

Event Bookings.

We are very happy to be open for events and we are following all relevant guidance, however the farm is not a surgical environment.

If you are of a nervous disposition, or have expectations beyond Government Guidelines for events and Equity Guidelines for the Performing Arts, you may want to consider whether this is the right event or venue for you. 

Distancing is a shared responsibility and there will be smaller groups of other visitors present on your walk through our Woodland.

Sanitiser and hand gel are available on site, however those unduly concerned about shared surfaces or utensils (Pumpkin carving knives/tree cutting saws) are advised to bring gloves or their own equipment. 

  • Face Coverings are required for all adults (over 11 years old)  visiting the Wonder Wood. Masks must be worn at all times and only removed when you are instructed it is safe to do so by a member of staff. Those with exemptions from wearing a Face Covering are asked to consider bringing proof of their exempt status when attending. This is a common sense suggestion made to prevent misunderstandings and to reassure other customers present. Sadly abuse of this rule is too commonplace for us to proceed any other way.
  • Bookings  – In order to control numbers and maintain distancing, tickets are required for certain visits to the farm. Please be aware that infants are included under the Rule of Six. Anyone arriving without a ticket will not be allowed entry.
  • Less people on site - We have significantly reduced the number of tickets available to ensure a quieter, calmer environment where everyone can easily socially distance.
  • Timed Sessions - Tickets are to a specific time slot and non transferrable. This is to manage peak time rushes and to ensure people can safely attend.
  • Sanitiser Points - Hand sanitiser points are available throughout the farm, if you are overly worried about shared surfaces we recommend bringing gloves. We cannot reasonably sanitise shared tools or surfaces between customers.
  • Socially distanced queuing - We have clearly marked queues and barriers where appropriate, with distances clearly marked.
  • Toilet facilities - There are no toilet facilities on site.
  • Cancellation - We are operating in a pandemic and there is a very real possibility you may not be able to attend or that our event is cancelled. In this event any refund will be for the ticket value of your booking, less booking fees. Procuring insurance during the pandemic is impossible and we are unable to run our events without customers accepting some small share of the risk involved. Please do not book unless you are comfortable with this.