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Pick your own - Sweetcorn

Sweetcorn (Zea mays)

When available to pick: Late July – September.

Sweetcorn is a late summer crop available for picking from late Summer, it usually carries on well into September.


Jul - SEp

Varieties grown

We grow different varieties of sweetcorn to ensure the longest possible picking season for the crop.

Growing method

Sweetcorn grows from tall plants sometimes known as stoops. Each plant produces between 5 to 6 cobs of corn.

How to pick

  • You should only pick cobs that are full sized.
  • Cobs ready for picking will have well developed brown ‘tassels’ at the top of the cob.
  • Cobs with green tassels are not ready for picking.
  • Cobs will easily twist away from the plant. If the cob does not come away easily it is not ready for picking.

Sweetcorn facts

Corn is also known as maize in a number of countries. Corn is a cereal crop that is part of the grass family. With the exception of Antarctica, Sweetcorn is grown on every continent in the world.

Sweetcorn recipe

Our favourite way to enjoy sweetcorn is simply boiled and served with lashings of butter. For a slightly smokier flavour, try throwing your freshly harvested sweetcorn directly onto the BBQ. The outer husks will protect the cob from burning and can be easily peeled away when cooked.