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Pick your own

Cut Your Own Christmas Trees open from November 25th.

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Our Summer PYO season has now finished and our fields are now closed to the public.

Our Pick Your Own Farm is open from May to September, on our Farm we grow more than 20 different crops of fruit. Our picking season starts with rhubarb and asparagus and from June there are abundant crops of the strawberries and raspberries we are renowned for.

‘Picking Your Own’ enables you to select the best quality produce at its peak to ensure its freshness and high vitamin content. It is also a fun way to teach children where their food comes from.

Outside of the Summer picking season, we also grow Pumpkins and Christmas Trees which are available to purchase at our Pumpkin Patch event in October and Christmas Tree Cabin from late November.

How our PYO works

  • There is no charge for entry to the farm during Summer. You are simply charged for the amount of crops you pick (by weight) at the end of your visit.
  • Our charging mechanism relies on trust and we ask all visitors not to eat our produce before paying for it. Doing so is theft, and compromises our ability to keep the farm open. Eating and picnicking in the fields is not allowed.
  • If you are arriving in small numbers, there is no need to book when visiting the farm. However, large groups of visitors arriving unexpectedly can affect the smooth running of the farm and must be booked in advance. Coach parties are accepted at our discretion and only with our prior agreement. Please email your request for any group bookings to
  • Dogs are welcome on the farm but are not permitted in the picking fields for hygiene reasons or during our Pumpkin Patch event.

Crop availability

Whilst we make every effort to keep our crops available throughout the growing season sometimes the Great British weather conspires us. Farming (particularly without glasshouses or poly tunnels) is not an exact science. The above crop dates vary from year to year depending on weather and should only be understood as a general guide!

During the growing season, PYO crops may become unavailable due to unforeseen weather conditions. Late frosts, heavy rainfall, extreme heat and even high visitor numbers can all have an impact on what is available to pick. To avoid disappointment we strongly advise customers to phone ahead and check availability, especially is you wish to pick a particular crop or are making a long journey.


Please be aware that security is in place on the farm at all times. PYO farms rely heavily on trust and unfortunately a small minority of visitors abuse this.

To prevent theft, random security checks are carried out and you may be asked to show proof of purchase at any time whilst on the farm.

  • Please do not eat our produce in the PYO fields before paying. We consider eating our crops before paying for them as theft. Eating and picnics are not allowed in the picking fields.
  • Before entering the picking fields please familiarise yourself with the farm map and today's picking locations. We rotate crops across various locations. Today's picking area may not be the same place as when you last visited.
  • Flowering crops should not be picked.
  • Please only pick what you are prepared to pay for. Our staff will help you work out quantities and prices when you collect your punnets. It is a condition of entry that all customers pay for what they pick. unwanted goods may not be 'returned'.
  • Produce MUST be paid for immediately after picking, please do not visit the Ice Cream Parlour, Play area, Farm Shop or Garden Centre before paying for crops. Attempting to do so may be viewed as theft.
  • Please do not climb over fences or gates, they are in place for security. Climbing over fences is generally seen as an attempt to avoid payment.
  • Receipts must be kept as proof of payment at all times.
  • The farm is Private Property. Access to the public is only permitted during opening hours. Picking outside opening hours is not permitted and is viewed as theft.

It is a condition of entry to the farm that all visitors abide by these security conditions. We reserve the right to refuse entry or remove anyone failing to follow our rules.

Growing Methods

Our farm is one of the few large open spaces left in our surrounding neighbourhood. Despite the ever encroaching urban sprawl, our land actually forms part of the Surrey Green Belt.

Every year we work hard to grow the best quality fruit we can whilst minimising our impact on the environment. We employ highly skilled agronomists who work with us to achieve these aims.

We use an integrated crop management policy which employs natural predators to help with pest control.

Over recent years we have planted extensive new hedgerows to provide natural windbreaks and help encourage local fauna. We have also added a recyling station to Crockfords Corner.